Affordable Housing Meeting with the Bar Harbor Town Council

Mark your calendar! The Bar Harbor Town Council will be holding a meeting on affordable housing on September 16th at 6pm. All are welcome, regardless of residency.

We believe that the lack of affordable housing in Hancock County is a major threat to food insecurity. Many of our members shop at the pantry because their rent eats up their paycheck. A viable year-round Hancock County is one with affordable housing for all – Bar Harbor is part of this equation.

We urge you to attend this meeting. Come to show your support, share your story, or simply to learn more about the issue.

Daybreak Grower’s Alliance in Maine Women Magazine

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“That was our buy-in,” says Bahner, who is a vegetable producer.

“Instead of fighting to get our piece of our pie, we’re just making a

bigger pie.”

We are SO thrilled to hear about Daybreak Grower’s Alliance through their

feature in Maine Women Magazine. Daybreak Grower’s Alliance is a

collaborative community-shared-agriculture program bringing farms

together to make small-scale farming more viable for producer and

consumer alike. And guess what? Christa Bahner of Bahner Farm, one of

the pantry’s community partners, is central to the operation!

Each week, during the growing season the pantry runs its gleaning

program out of farmer’s markets. We love the opportunity to participate

in this community space and engage directly with farmers, however we

also recognize the inefficiency of the farmer’s market model: travel

time and competition for customers between vendors for example.

Therefore, we strongly believe in the development of coops between farms

as an important future for our food system.