Welcome to the Bar Harbor Food Pantry

The mission of the Bar Harbor Food Pantry is to provide a welcoming environment for the distribution of food and other household products free of charge to Hancock County residents in need..

The Bar Harbor Food Pantry has been serving under its name since 1996. Before that it had been run on an emergency basis only in the basement of the First Baptist Church. Today, with the support of local churches and other community organizations and individuals, we are able to help many families across Hancock County each month.

The food pantry's operations are run by volunteers from its five supporting churches. The Executive Board, is made up of one representative from each of the supporting churches as well as a number of active community members who share a passion for the mission of the BHFP.  

As the needs of the BHFP have been growing, so has the organization as a whole.  In 2009, due to a generous bequest, the food pantry opened Serendipity; A Clothing Resale Shop, in Hulls Cove.  100% of the profits generated through sales benefit the Bar Harbor Food Pantry.  This store is also run by caring and enthusiastic volunteers who want to support the mission.  The goal of this business is to provide a consistent flow of funds into the food pantry to help sustain the continuing work that needs to be done. Along with the general management of both operations by our Executive Director, our volunteers are the heart of this organization.   

While Serendipity has already begun budgeting a monthly payment to the food pantry, we will always depend of the generosity of our community to keep the doors open and continue to help those in need.  We thank all of you who have supported the food pantry over the years!

The BHFP and Serendipity are both on Facebook.  With regular updates being made, you can look to see the latest needs or events at the food pantry.  Just search under 'Bar Harbor Food Pantry'. You can also "friend" the "Serendipity Resale Store" on FB.

Board Members / Church Representatives:

Katie Freedman - Co-chair; Healthy Acadia
Kimberly Phillips - Co-chair; MDI Community Member 
JR Sandin - Secretary; MDI Community Member
Ralph Rumill - Treasurer; MDI Community Member
Jennifer Jones - Executive Director
Andy Baron - Bar Harbor Congregational Church
Vicky Fernald- MDI Community Member
Julie Fulton-Kelly - Chairperson; Holy Redeemer
Bill Krenicki - Church of our Father
Debbie Lamson - First Baptist Church
Paula Moody - MDI Community Member 

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